The Universal Religion is simply LOVE. We are privileged to be part of this great time of change in history and, as messengers of love we are responsible for making this new world blossom. It is an exchange of ideas, music, dance, sharing of energy, positivity and emotions which only seem to spread and grow further when the festival finishes. If even a thousand people were to return to their lives after experiencing the power of Universal Religion, and each one lived with the same philosophy as during the festival, the world would slowly start to seem a borderless place. One where family and friendships transcend nations, language, colour, age and even blood, where an entire generation will live true to the ideas of oneness, love and mutual respect. This is the idea of a universal religion—one that is inclusive, gets recreated and gathers strength every year, as new energies enters its space.

The Universal Religion is you, and you are the Universal Religion. It is a radical transformation of the mind and the soul by YOU. It is with the infusion of your energy, love, smiles, dancing, happiness, positivity and joy that this wave rides higher and stronger every year. As a great philosopher very rightly says, “There is no teacher, no pupil, no leader, no guru, no master, no savior, you yourself are the teacher and the pupil, the master and the guru, you’re the leader, you’re the saviour, YOU ARE EVERYTHING & UNIVERSE RESIDES WITHIN YOU”

This year the festival will take place at a beautiful mountain top locations just 2 hours from the Capital City of Kathmandu & welcome you all to come and dance along with us, celebrate life at this 9th Edition of Universal Religion which will happen between the Friday 24th April 2015 – Monday 27th April 2015.